There are many personal benefits you'll gain from being a Simpol supporter and being part of our community. Apart from using your vote to drive global transformation, you gain access to a range of exclusive personal benefits.

Changing the world is as much about each of us and who we are, as about the world out there. Our aim is to become a strong community of developed, self-aware individuals who, by developing ourselves, will be better able to change the world around us. Simpol is that invitational community so we hope you'll join us.

Please check out the list of exclusive benefits below:


United Voices of Simpol

United Voices of Simpol is our global Facebook page exclusive to Simpol supporters. It's our global community hub, a space where you can connect to like-minded people all over the world, share your experiences and gain strength, insight and encouragement in a world falling apart.

2nd Life Personal Coaching

As a Simpol supporter you can benefit from special exclusive discounts on the professional services of Life-Coach Michiel Doorn. Michiel says: "Today’s global events (Covid, BLM, economic breakdown, etc.) are making it painfully clear that we are globally connected. We need new perspectives, meaning making and general skills to navigate today’s complexities and (re)define our purpose. If this resonates with you, then I can help guide you." For details, click the button below.

2nd Life Personal Coaching

Simpol Books

By purchasing from us, Simpol supporters get an exclusive discount of up to 50% on Simpol's range of books, personally autographed by John Bunzl, including:

- The Simpol Solution 

- Global Domestic Politics

- Solving Climate Change - Transforming International Politics

- Monetary Reform - Making it Happen!

Please contact us for details.