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Simpol in a nutshell...


We believe global cooperation isn't just possible and vital. We believe it's our evolutionary destiny; what will define our species' maturity. By solving global problems, we'll together discover our true human potential, who we truly can be: happy, healthy, whole and fully human. We'll thrive, not just survive.


Simpol is an international citizens' movement. We use our votes in a new way to encourage politicians, parties, and eventually governments to solve the most pressing global issues of our time, such as climate change, fair corporate taxation, mass migration and so on.

Simpol supporters give strong voting preference at national elections to politicians or parties that have pledged to implement Simpol's policies simultaneously alongside other governments. So, politicians or parties who sign Simpol's Pledge enhance their electoral chances, while those that don’t risk losing out. As democratic governments are driven to sign the Pledge, non-democratic governments will not want to be left out. They need global solutions to global problems too.


Members of Parliament from many parties and countries have already signed the Pledge. You can see the list here. But to solve global problems, we need more! So, if you're a citizen, please sign on to Simpol to drive your MP, Congressman, Senator or party to sign the Pledge. If you're a politician or party, we invite you to support this process by signing the Pledge.

Because, only together can we change our world.

Does the War in Ukraine make Global Cooperation impossible?

Shocked as we may be about the horrific war in Ukraine and the resulting human tragedy, there’s no doubt the war’s effects are hurting the whole world – and worse is to come. Ordinary Russians suffer from the imposition of sanctions. Everyone else suffers the burden of much higher food and energy costs and higher taxes to fund increased defence spending. The world’s poor face starvation.

This suffering cannot be sustained indefinitely. A practical, pragmatic, reciprocal and simultaneous solution will be needed. Not just to the immediate suffering, but to all the other global problems like climate change that already threaten us. Simpol provides an appropriate framework for agreeing and implementing cooperative, win-win policy solutions that benefit all. Simpol offers us a future which, as Buckminster Fuller put it, “works for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense, or the disadvantage of anyone”.

Solve global problems

Solving global problems is anything but simple, but Simpol might just have an answer.

Ever wondered why governments are failing to tackle problems like Climate Change or Nuclear Disarmament? Or why they're unprepared to properly combat global health threats?

Simpol is a way of understanding the root causes that keep governments from solving global problems. And it offers a powerful way forward.

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Issues we solve

Think about it. From nuclear disarmament to climate change, and from wealth inequality to fair corporation tax, Destructive Global Competition - each nation's fear of losing out to others - is the key barrier that prevents action.

You'd be surprised just how many issues need a global and simultaneous approach. Which issues do you care most about?

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Join with Simpol

A new direction for solving global problems. A fresh take on doing politics differently. A powerful way to use your vote for global transformation.

And it works!

Thanks to citizens like you, more and more politicians are supporting Simpol. But we need more - many more. So please take action now by lending your support to Simpol. Will you join us?

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So what are you waiting for?

Sign up to Simpol and we'll connect you to the campaign in your country.